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STORY - Fatboy concept

Modern design classics from Holland that inspire and radiate a good mood

The Dutch label became famous with the original beanbag - but it was not the shape of the seat cushion that shaped the company name, but the English musician FATBOY SLIM who inspired the Finnish designer and interior designer Jukka Setälä to give it this name in 1998.

In 2002, the Dutch designer Alex Bergmann acquired the marketing rights to Fatboy and, under the name “Original Fatboy”, made it the most famous beanbag of the 21st century and a cult product par excellence within just a few years - closely followed by the Fatbody Lamzac, the world-famous lounge cushion can be inflated solely by ambient air.

With its original and funny products such as the “non-flying” carpets, extravagant table lamps and the multi-person hammocks, the Fatboy brand stands for unusual design, comfort, lots of fun and a high recognition value.

Fatboy - these are colorful classics that, despite all their functionality, simply radiate a good mood and Dutch lightness.