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STORY - Manutti concept

MANUTTI - THE reference for Belgian outdoor design and our oldest brand partner

Manutti was the first brand in the outdoor sector at Villa Romana, and after 15 years we can now speak of a real partnership when it comes to quality and design for the garden .

To a large extent, we followed the path of the brand's development ourselves. Since its founding in 2002, the Belgian label Manutti has developed into a specialist for exclusive designer garden furniture . The company was founded in Deerlijk, Flemish by Stephane De Winter, then under the name For-Seasons .

The founder wanted to develop a new type of furniture made of plastic mesh and shift people's living space into the garden . Due to the high quality and the attractive design, Manutti soon exported to more than 50 countries, which meant a name change was necessary in 2007 : this was the birth of today's Manutti brand , which conveys an Italian feeling of design , but with the slogan “Belgian Outdoor Furniture Of course it couldn't be missed.

Manutti aims to offer its customers the highest level of outdoor luxury and works with both Belgian and many international designers on its designs. The sun in the new logo is intended to invite us to spend time outdoors with the people we love - be it on the beach, by the pool, in our own garden or on the roof terrace of a loft.

For this purpose, Manutti presented four completely new color concepts in 2020, each of which offers the customer an absolutely harmonious environment according to their preferences, based on the themes Tender Earth, Salty Dunes, Crispy Water and Urban Concrete .

We look forward to presenting the new color worlds to you live or in the webshop!