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The Art of Outdoor Cooking

Imagine having a complete outdoor kitchen outside at your disposal.
You come home and can prepare all your favorite meals outside
in almost any weather.
Or perhaps your partner, friends or children would like to cook with you, and you can lie comfortably in a deck chair and chat with them while you do so...

For convivial connoisseurs, the OFYR is the star among outdoor grills ! It offers an exclusive and versatile way to cook outdoors while entertaining your guests.

  • At first glance , it is a particularly beautiful fire bowl that creates a great atmosphere in the evening thanks to the open fire .
  • At second glance , it becomes apparent that this is a grill with an unusual design . The supporting column brings the fire bowl to exactly the right working height of around 100cm . The grilling then takes place on the wide, smooth ring made of high-quality steel - this creates very different temperature zones , whether for hot searing of meat further inside the fire or for delicate cooking of delicate grilled food such as vegetables further out. Anything that can be grilled or cooked can be placed on the OFYR!

Barbecue with friends or family around the OFYR!

A unique concept! We humans have always been social creatures. Our ancestors sat together around the cooking fire and told each other stories. And especially today in the digital age, people often long for simple, natural things .

They feel connected to each other while eating and drinking by the fire . The fire bowl radiates warmth throughout its surroundings, so you can have fun outdoors and enjoy nature near it all year round . Because the look is more attractive and the design at the same time more practical than that of a traditional grill, the OFYR stove fits into almost any environment , from a green lawn to a chic loft terrace.

OFYR fires its grills with wood , which is actually stored in the base of the Storage series so that you can add more at any time. And the insensitive, smooth plate is also child's play to clean at the end of the grilling experience with the spatula.

The versatility of the OFYR is also reflected in all the different recipes you can prepare with it:

  • In Spain, the OFYR is used to prepare a large pan of delicious paella.
  • In Switzerland, ski fans gather there for apres-ski after a day on the slopes to drink a cup of mulled wine together.

Whether with Brazilian barbecue skewers or a round soup pot on the grill over the fire, OFYR can be used anywhere and unites people around the fire in all four seasons. Professional chefs also love the precisely straight cooking surface of the OFYRS, which allows them to work in very different temperature zones at the same time. And it's also easy to maintain !

When we first saw the grill at the Paris and Cologne trade fairs in 2015/2016, we immediately fell in love with the concept, long before it was on everyone's lips. OFYR founder Hans Goosens delighted his customers right from the start with the OFYR stove he developed:

“It’s a really adventurous way of cooking. We just love making fires.”

And with the newly developed products around the OFYR such as kitchen islands, accessories, benches, wood stackers or the new practical table grill TABL'O , the brand really offers a complete outdoor lifestyle concept.

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