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Unforgettable summer evenings!

The currently most popular gas patio fire for the home and the Horeca area! The absolutely stylish Marino Patio Heater has many advantages...

You simply connect the gas bottle stored in the base invisibly and have more than 30 hours of beautifully crackling flames and cozy warmth on your terrace.

So you can enjoy your favorite outdoor spot all year round and let Marino invite you to tell stories, like people did in ancient times when they sat together around the fire. The flames are visible from all sides and the wheels make the fire pit extremely flexible. The 5kW gas burner is covered with lava stones and looks like a real fireplace. The Marino is available in 3 standard colors (black, white and anthracite), in Corten steel and, upon request, in all RAL colors.

And this beautiful little oven for under €1000 is also one of the safest in its class and is 100% made in the Netherlands. Anyone who doubts this might want to listen to Sunwood's story:

The Sunwood brand has been around since 2009, although the family company Sunderman-Fireplaces has over 40 years of experience in the manufacture and development of gas fires . The history of the family business goes back even before World War II and began with a local blacksmith shop owned by Marinus Sunderman, after which his son Carino took over. The family business is currently being actively run by the third generation (Wout, Anne & Lotte).

Wout Sunderman has been working full-time for the family business since 2008 . Even as a very young man, he worked here during his holidays and learned a lot through numerous customer contacts. In April 2009, he decided to develop and launch his own patio fire under a new brand name: Sunwood . This name comes from the surname " Sunderman " and Carino's wife's surname: " Van Turenhout " (" Hout " means " wood " in Dutch - which then became the English " wood " in Sunwood ).

The success story began with the founding of the company and Sunwood's journey as a supplier of patio fire pits had officially begun. Together with his father, Wout offered the first demo models as samples to various restaurants. Since 2014, Wout and Carino have devoted themselves entirely to Sunwood Marino. But Sunwood can do even more - in addition to the Marino, you can also design and build completely individual fire pits for outdoor use, both for gas and wood fires.

A practical, stylish product like the Marino , which was developed with so much enthusiasm and is now regularly placed in the most renowned hotel chains such as Four Seasons or Intercontinental, should of course not be missing from Belgium's first lifestyle furniture store. That's why you can also find Sunwood in store at Villa Romana since 2020.