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STORY - Umbrosa concept

UMBROSA – the most creative shade providers come from Belgium

When the Belgian Christophe Harmers founded the company Umbrosa in 2007, he wanted to do much more than just make parasols...

Umbrosa should be THE specialist when it comes to finding architecturally beautiful shading solutions, as the company name suggests. UMBROSA means something like “ I create shadows ”. The luxury of enjoying a shady, sheltered spot in the fresh air on warm days. Umbrosa distinguishes itself with a bold design that is practical and playful at the same time.

We rely on well-known designers (NG Design, Dirk Wynants,…) who, with their creative visions, give the concept of “parasol” a whole new meaning. The versatile and innovative shade creations are inspired functionally and formally by the natural sun protection that trees and plants offer the living creatures beneath them. To name just a few models:

  • The INGENUA sails are conveniently raised and lowered on individual masts like on a boat in order to adapt to changing light conditions like leaves on a branch.
  • The free-hanging SPECTRA umbrella with its unique shape can be rotated 360° and acts like a folding protective fan. This means it doesn't get in the way when folded over a fully set table and can adapt to different lighting conditions throughout the day. A dream!
  • The INFINA parasol, on the other hand, stands for calm and simplicity and protects its owner like a gentle, clear leaf, without the usual tangle of struts and ribs.
  • IKARUS , on the other hand, protects its owners from wind and sun like a “ cocon ” with its elegant, curved leaf shape.

The unusual shade providers are now exported to around 80 countries and are available from many international hotel chains, among others.

Umbrosa is Villa Romana's longest-standing partner in the sun protection sector and we recommend the brand without reservation. For a design product with such good functionality, the price is more than correct. In addition, the Belgian Umbrosa team provides excellent support to its customers. Because all umbrellas are designed, developed and assembled in Belgium, you can easily order tiny individual parts even years later if a storm strikes or a mishap occurs that requires repairs. In this respect, special sustainability is guaranteed, compared to imported products that have to be disposed of in the event of damage.

In 2020, we were particularly impressed by the four new Spectra UX umbrellas, which, in addition to particularly fine workmanship and new folding technology, have a very special theme design that can each be combined particularly well with a specific type of garden furniture. Discover the new products in our store or directly in the webshop and get excited about this great Belgian company!